Soy as a valuable food ingredient

“We are inspired by soy and we are proud to have perfected the processing of soy, using every part of the bean.”

Soy field
Soy as an ingredient

For thousands of years, mankind has understood the great value of using soy as a valuable source of protein and energy. Starting in Asia, where soy has an important traditional role within the everyday diet, soybeans gradually became more and more popular all around the world. Nowadays, as we are challenged by a rising global population and the upcoming necessity to provide sustainable, plant-based sources of protein, we understood the potential of soy as one of the answers to the global challenges of tomorrow.

By having a unique nutritional profile of 20% fat and around 40% high-value protein, soybeans are of high value when it comes to satisfying the nutritional and multifunctional needs of modern food. Due to its high amount of fat and lecithin, soy acts as a natural emulsifier, contributing to the development of functional and natural bakery and confectionary products. The soybean’s protein fraction is well known as having one of the highest biological values within the range of plant-based protein sources, containing all essential amino acids and resulting in the highest protein availability in terms of digestion and resorption within the human body. Soy Austria® is proud to have perfected the processing of soy, using every part of the bean in order to create a multifunctional portfolio of 100% natural soy food ingredients.

We use every part of the bean

Full bean
SOYPAN, SOYSAN, SOYGRAN: full-fat soybean products like soy flours, flakes or soy-splits unify the advantages of all soybean fractions, resulting in high nutritional value, high emulsifiability and multifunctional uses within food products. Depending on the roasting grade, full-fat soy flours cover a wide range of sensory properties, from its native beany taste to mimicking nutty flavours like hazelnut or peanut.

Soy protein
SOYTEXTURE, SOYPRO 50: by gently pressing off the soy oil, we end up with a 100% natural soy flour that contains 50% native soy protein; this semi-defatted flour is the starting point of our unique soy texturates.

SOYBRAN: milled soybean hulls, high in dietary fibre, adding viscosity into a watery solution, high water binding capacity.

Lipid bodies
SOYOIL crude: gently pressed, high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E.


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