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natural Soylutions

Our company produces natural, sustainable, soy-based, GMO-free ingredients for the food industry for our global customers. The production is based on quality standards according to the highest European standards, and we only use European soybeans.

NATURAL SOYLUTION is a core part of our work.
We will help and support our customers to find or create the right NATURAL SOYLUTION for their application needs.


New X-RAY inspection system

New X-RAY inspection system

We proudly announce the installation of our new X-RAY inspection system for state-of-the-art foreign body detection! QUALITY & FOOD SAFETY Soy...

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Soy Austria® has committed itself to purchasing only NON-GMO soybeans grown in fields in Austria and other EU countries.


Soy Austria® products comply with the most important standards in the food industry.