“We are proud of the fact that we are able to offer the majority of our products in organic quality.”

Sustainability within the soy business starts with growing the beans. Soy as a legume has the unique capability to fixate nitrogen from the air. This is managed by establishing a symbiosis with rhizobia, allowing the plant to be independent from an external input of nitrogen via fertilisers. We see the soy plant as a role model and proof that sustainability is in harmony with the global economy.

Soy Austria® has committed itself to purchasing only soybeans grown in fields in Austria and other EU countries, making sure that our beans are grown in the most sustainable way. We do not purchase soybeans grown in huge monocultures overseas, and we only accept NON-GMO beans according to the strictest standard of <0.1%. We support local, small-structured farmers who grow beans by following our Soy Austria® agricultural standards. We are proud of the fact that we are able to offer the majority of our products in organic quality.

When it comes to processing our soybeans, we follow the principle of minimal processing: as much processing as needed but as little as possible. We are dedicated to preserving the highest quality of our soybeans by only processing them with the help of mechanical and thermic processing, abstaining from the use of any chemical modifications, solvents or auxiliaries.

For historical reasons, our mill is located next to a river. Since then, Soy Austria® has always used the energy of water for processing agricultural products. Today, our energy comes from our own modern hydroelectrical power plant, and it is supplemented by energy purchased from 100% sustainable sources.

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