Soy Austria® is proud to have perfected the processing of soy, using every part of the bean in order to create a multifunctional portfolio of 100% natural soy food ingredients. For our product we use the full bean, the soy protein, the hull, the hilium and the lipid bodies.

Full bean
SOYPAN, SOYSAN, SOYGRAN: full-fat soybean products like soy flours, flakes or soy-splits unify the advantages of all soybean fractions, resulting in high nutritional value, high emulsifiability and multifunctional uses within food products. Depending on the roasting grade, full-fat soy flours cover a wide range of sensory properties, from its native beany taste to mimicking nutty flavours like hazelnut or peanut.

Soy protein
SOYTEXTURE, SOYPRO 50: by gently pressing off the soy oil, we end up with a 100% natural soy flour that contains 50% native soy protein; this semi-defatted flour is the starting point of our unique soy texturates.

SOYBRAN: milled soybean hulls, high in dietary fibre, adding viscosity into a watery solution, high water binding capacity.

SOYFLAVONE: high in phytoestrogens.

Lipid bodies
SOYOIL crude: gently pressed, high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin and vitamin E.

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